Point system

At UTD, we understand the commitment and hard work it takes to be involved on campus while keeping up with your studies. That's why we utilize a points system to reward members that take initiative and utilize our service events, meetings, and volunteer and leadership opportunities to develop their skill sets and further their careers.

Points Breakdown:

Attend our General Meetings: 3 points (per meeting)
Wear a Golden Key T-shirt to our Meetings/Events: 1 point
Like our Golden Key Facebook Page: 1 point
Volunteer at an Event: 1 point (per hour)
Join our GroupMe: 1 point
Future Service/Donation Drives: up to 5 points 
Apply for a Golden Key Chapter Scholarship: 3 points

Rewards Breakdown:

  • 10 points (per semester) - Active Member
  • 20 points - Free Cord to Wear at Graduation
  • 30 Points - Graduation Stole
  • 40 Points - Medal

*Active members have priority for participating in Golden Key summit, as well as our scholarships and events - the summit trips cover the cost of air fare, hotel and some meals. 

**The member with the most points by the end of the semester will be recognized as the "Member of the Semester" and rewarded

To see your points go here: Golden Key Point Spread Sheet

If you have further questions please reach out to Heejin Shin, she is in charge of managing this point spread sheet!

email: heejin.shin@utdallas.edu


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